Hey! if you need/want any kind of help then we are here! (Art shop) [free]

Hey there!!!
If you need any kind of help (Art, Covers. Shout out, splashes etc) then We are here :yum:
If you want examples of art of cover go visit our page @epi_preternautrals


  • Be nice to our members
  • Please give us a shout out on your ig (as we are new so we need some support)
  • Please give us Credit
  • if you don’t have an ig then please dm me :sweat: so I can tell you what you can do as a support :sweat_smile:
If you don't want to give us credit or don't want to follow our rules

If you don’t want to follow our rules or don’t want to give us credit or shout out then…I ask why?..We (artists) is here to help you but you are backing up for just give us a credit. for .what we did?

If you are not agree with being nice with our members then…I will ask why…you can’t being nice with us?..We are doing just our work

Do not steal them please!! :sweat_smile:

Examples for art or covers

Request form by epi_preternatural - Google Forms - Opera 28-08-2020 10_27_20 (2)

Project 0003311

Examples for splashes

You just have to fill out the form :smiley: :smile:

If you get any kind of questions then ask away :hugs:

Do not forget to follow us @epi_preternaturals :wink:!


Do you have any examples?

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yess!! :sweat_smile:

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Can i dm you?

Congrats on the shop!

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its not official yet :sweat_smile:
But thankyou :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:



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Do you have examples?

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yeps :relaxed:
If you want to see…then can I dm you?

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Do you have examples you could post here?

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you mean…I should mention some examples in the thread? :thinking:

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Yes. It’s easier that way instead of pming them to people.

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hehe oky :sweat_smile:

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I’ll just wait until they are in the thread

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they are on thread now :face_with_hand_over_mouth: :hugs:

Hey I can’t find your ig to follow
I’m in love with your example can you make me some?

why cant i find you on insta?

Are they on the thread now? I really want to request an art scene

Hey, Can I request something?