Hey! Im a coder so if you need me... Im here

Hey! I’m a coder and if you need help with your stories or you want me to code it for you I’m available (Please know I have a life too)


heyyy! I currently am busy with a lot of things and I’m struggling with my coding for a gala / masquerade ball, If you can could you please help me with a template of spot directing for it please, I will reader message creds to you for the template xo

Hey! Are you still open for coding help?


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thank you but I already got a coder but my ffriend is looking for one. I’ll tell her and let her talk to you


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One question, is it paid or free?


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Okie. Gimme a minute

I’ve told her, she’ll get back to you😊

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I know im late I just saw it but if you still need help hmu


Hi. I sent a pm to you. Could you please check it😊

thankyou sm

Hey! Are you available to code some templates for my story?

Which sort of template?