Hey, I'm back! (Hopefully for a bit longer)

Hey guys! Idk if anyone remembers me, but it you do that’s great!

Why I left:

I quit the Forums about 3 months ago because I’ve had a lot on my plate. I started off not knowing anyone, and then I went to knowing almost everyone. I joined way too many story contests and constantly overloaded myself with art requests and I haven’t finished half of them yet. But the main reason why I left was because I no longer had confidence of myself, and I didn’t feel like constantly being on a social media platform would be a good idea. But, I’m better now and hoping to start things again!

Thank you so much for reading this! Have a great day/night you guys!


Hey Raitlyn. Glad to hear that you’re both feeling a lot better and that you’re back.:blush:

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I don’t know you but I’m glad you’re back in the community! remember to take enough breaks, don’t want you getting overwhelmed again!! xx


I do :eyes: Your arts are amazing~~ I can’t forget them that easily.

I hope you’re feeling better! Welcome back!! My PM’s are open for amazing people UwU (You are one if I didn’t make it clear lol)


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