Hey, I'm confused sgaksdgsjf I have a question

If I have a dressing game with arrows on the previous episode

let’s say for example I have a dressing game with arrows on episode 2, at the next episode does the outfit they picked on the last episode will be the one who will appear on the next episode?

Or it will be back to default?

tysm in advance :blob_hearts:

I don’t really remember, but I’m pretty sure it remains the same unless you change it at the end of the previous episode or at the beginning of the next one. :thinking:

that’s what I remember too hahaha but when I preview the new episode on my phone the outfit of the characters were in default, maybe it’ll be different on the readers pov?

i’m pretty sure you have to use eilf/if/else if the outfit is gonna be used in a different episode


I already have, it’s with gain right?

The outfit from the previous episode should bring over to the next episode even when you are previewing in the app. That’s what the readers will see it too when they are reading your story. Unless you reset your story progress and start from episode 3, or you used previews outfit instead of changes into outfit command, otherwise it will not be changed back to default.

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okay, thank you so much! I didn’t change the outfit at the beginning of the next episode so I think that the outfit from the previous episode is still the same on the next episode :blob_hearts: