Hey I'm Everlyn and I'd like to request a cover edit


I’m starting a new story and I need a table with a computer on it and a cover for the story.

Story name: Mate or Hate

Here’s the character I need for the cover:

I have another character but I can’t post more than one.
I will give you a day unless you can do it faster then that.

Please and Thank you!



@Emeline can do it I think :slight_smile: :hibiscus:


Ok! Thank you! :+1:


Epi.Sunset also can!


Ok! I’ll check them out!


Would you like some examples?
(Also I have also one request so it might take a little bit)lol I’m a member of them :joy:




Cover art

Outlines (I have more)

Artwork (also have more)

@Hialexhi is also a member

And I made

@roseyy 's pfp


Also how long does it take for the backgrounds to be reviewed?


Ok thanks I’ll check them out in a minute.


I’m not really sure cause cause it’s about how much work they have :slight_smile:


oh ok.


In what background do you want them and what’s your episode name?


maybe an aesthetic cloud background and it’s ‘Mate or Hate’


Ok thanks


Want them drawn? Or like that?




edited please


Ofcrs! I’ll end it in a bit :slight_smile: