Hey, I'm in desprate need of some bedroom edits! Can anyone help? *CLOSED*

Hey guys, I’ve been looking for a little boy bedroom/ an adult BR, and a kitchen. But I can’t find anything :frowning:
I was hoping someone could help. Also, though this isn’t as important, a blanket overlay is needed!

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Episode harmony can

She closed though, so I can’t find a way to reach out to her.

I’m open

Can you make some? I’d be eternally grateful!:heart_eyes:

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Yeah sure

Thx! Can the little boy bedroom be a side faced bed? And the kitchen a city one?

Hate to be a nag, but are you still doing the bedroom?


I didnt acuse anyone of stealing art

I’m really sorry, I was misinformed. Enjoy the rest of your day!

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