Hey, Im in need of some splashes

It would mean the world to me! If youre interested, please respond to this and i can send you the details.

hey i can help


Text- Sorry, I must apologize for my grammar mistakes. Its not my native language!
With this following character:

Text- This story contains mature theams and strong language.
With the same character.

The animation for the character to be in is totally up to you.
I understand if you can’t do it! :slight_smile:


Of course ill do it for you!

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Thank you!!! If you have any questions Just ask!


Hey, Im sorry to bother, but i just wanted to know if you are going to do them. This inst to tell you to hurry up, only to confirm lol!

Hey, I have started but haven’t finished bc I’ve been shopping around quite a lot cause it’s my sisters birthday soon but we’ve got everything now x

Thnks! I wasnt trying to make you hurry up, just to be sure. And happy birthday to your sister lol

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