Hey... i'm looking for a background artist (more details below.)

it’s been really hard for me to find certain backgrounds I need, without worrying about copyright and etc. I also don’t want to keep on making topics asking for different backgrounds every time I need one, sorry. So, I’m going to be a little more straightforward. I want someone to be able to make my backgrounds for my story. I’m obviously not going to ask for a background every scene there is.
Honestly, I really just need apartment backgrounds
Apartment backgrounds meaning: Kitchen, Bedroom, living room, bathroom.
This was actually made for me asking someone to be my personal background artist, but idk. (if you would too, though I don’t want to waste your time like that.)
thanks. : )

if you would like to help me on any of these, I’d be very grateful and give credit
Background details (not many): The MC lives in the city. so the apartments would be city like i guess. thats itttt

it’s alright if no one can do it. Thanks anyway??? : )

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@AMagic, @lanafrazer_episode.


Sure I can do it.

Thanks, that’d be great : ) Anything I need to do?

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Just give me details.

Well, I need a bedroom background. The MC lives in the city (i would like a window, if not that’s fine.) The city would be the view.
Oh, and the bed from the background INT. DUMPY APARTMENT BEDROOM - DAY I would like it to replace the bed in the background INT. OFFICE BEDROOM - NIGHT (again, if not that’s ok.)
The photos on the wall of the backgrounds INT. OFFICE BEDROOM - NIGHT, can they be replaced by any other art or a shelf of books.

Every thing else would be the same.
if you can’t do it, I understand, thanks anyway : )
sorry if i didn’t explain it well, or you can’t understand what I want. i don’t want it to be very difficult.

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Sure, let me see what I can do

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