Hey Im new! My name is elia and im from Puerto Rico

can some one help me im writing a story in spanisow h and i dont understand what to do what to put in there i dont have drawings!!! HELP PLEASEE!! :sob: :sob: :sob: :sob:

Hey girl happy new year first of all!!

Im writing a story called MI PRIMER AMOR (MY FIRST LOVE)

And i want a draw for my tittle and learn how to put music and somethings like that!!

Sorry for my poor english i speak spanish!!

Use the command:

  • sound
  • music

And then use a sound from the sound library. (Right side of the screen)

I’d suggest using the guides. They can be helpful.

oh thanks!! and where i can ask for a cover?

Art Resources

I can hel you with your spanish!! IM A BORICUA!!:joy::joy::joy::joy::joy:

Im elia!! and seriously i can teach you!!

Well, how do I start? is the story of a girl whose priority was school, she always said that first is her career as a business administrator and after having her title she could have time for boys until she saw her best friend’s cousin and everything changed!

She had never paid attention to the boys because she did not want to be out of focus she was the best of her grade.

She passes many things with: joys, sadness, farewells, declarations, a little bit of everything but the first love is the purest!


So what do you think?


Hey, my name’s Peter. I’m from New York. I can help you. I don’t have much experience but I’d love to.

Thanks that Will be helpfull!! When we can start?

Yeah, that was a real history

I don’t have time all the time because I’m still in school, but normally I would have time anytime you want, so just text me (or something) and we can set the time and date…

Can we do a group?

Okay, sure


Who? I’m a adult girl!! :joy: With 3 babies!!