Hey I'm new to writing!


Hi Everyone!

I have been an OBSESSED reader of Episode for a few months now and have always created stories in my head but never been brave enough to bring them to life.

Well i have no taken the plunge and am part way through creating my story. Holy Cr@p i seriously did not realise the work that goes into stories and i am slowly getting my head round it all…hopefully correctly. It’s so exciting when i see my coding has worked! I do a little dance at my laptop! More often than not i see error messages and spend ages trying to rectify them!

I just wanted to say hi for now, I’m part way through episode 1 which seems to be taking forever, but i want to do it well and not rush the introduction to my characters.

At some point i would really appreciate some help with title covers (is that what’s called a splash???) and when i’m ready to publish i would really really appreciate some feedback from other writers. I have unlimited passes so always happy to return the favour.

Much love

Sarah x


I’m not the best at making covers and everything, but I just wanted to say hi and welcome to the forums :smile: Also, good luck with your writing!


Good luck! If you ever need help with covers, my friends and I @Episode-Diamonds would love to help you! https://forums.episodeinteractive.com/t/official-episode-diamonds-art-request-thread-new-and-improve-examples/41067

Splash Example

This is a splash btw


Yeah, I totally agree. It takes a lot of work. If you need any help what so ever feel free to contact me. I’m really happy to help :slight_smile:

Insta: blackjack.stories
Email: black.jack.stories.episode@gmail.com

(Yes, I know. My email is REALLY long. Iwas really playing around with the name. I slightly regret it.)

  • Black Jack


Same I just finish my 3! It does take tremendous work. But you’ll work through the errors and frustrating problems. So yeah, Congratulations! (no pun intended)


thank you everyone! It’s a massive learning process, but one i’m really excited about!