Hey! I'm starting a story and I need a background!

It starts off in the dining room i need a dining table, its a rich family that lives in a manor, i need a table with overlays with it

No! do not get backgrounds from Pinterest, most of them are copyrighted!

heyy @episode.mariana and @talesbyaura no you CANNOT use images from pinterest at any cost, MOST of them are COPYRIGHTED, and hence illegal to use, please search backgrounds in copywrite free sites like pexels

oh i was new to this information lol sorry for trouble. :sweat_smile:


No worries! :slightly_smiling_face:
@episode.mariana you can try checking out amepisode’s drive

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can i get the link please?

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The link to her link tree it’s the (free background drive) please make sure to read her rules before using any of her work! :relaxed: