Hey! Looking for a writing partner!

Hey guys!
I am looking for a co author for my story. :star_struck:

Romance genre with a lot of drama and mystery… :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


  1. I need someone who has a good grip over english, as it’s not my native language and I have some grammatical problems.
  2. I wont be able to give you all the time, but that doesnt mean you have to do all the work. Sometimes I am feeling lazy to add sounds or animations, So we are a team, I need a pushover sometimes So a friend and writing buddy.
  3. You must be good at directing.
  4. I can’t pay you. So don’t ask for any payments please.
  5. A co operative partner and a proof reader.

(It will be a plus if you are good at making art scenes)

That’s it.
My email is
My instagram id is

Thanks!!! :heart:

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Hey! I’d love to code with you, i’m also currently planning my own story, so i could give you a hand too! :blush:

I don’t have insta, so you can pm me on here, and we can talk more about it (:

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Sure! What’s ur email? we can contact each other through that :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

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