HEY! Looking for an Artist for my new story's cover - Small and Large! (INK)

Email me mikamilllien.episode@gmail.com for details and send samples of your Art work down below
Thank you so much

Hey, I would love to help but I dont have any sample to show you

Yes, that would be great.

These are the main characters for the Large Cover

This is the pose

im guessing i’m being called for?

yes :sweat_smile:

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that’s actually fine! i’d love to!! can you just send me the details for your character customizations? just so i can put them in position. also, by when do you need it?

well the person who created this topic needs it @mika.episode she gave information about it in her 3 message

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let me email her then :slight_smile:

your email isn’t working for me, it couldn’t send for some reason :frowning:

hi, sorry I couldn’t respond earlier

i misspelled my email. It’s mikamillien.episode@gmail.com

i sent it