Hey new hair template

I’m happy we got new hair but how do you update cc with the new hair. Kinda sad because I just added cc to my story and I need yo update it with the new hair :joy:


Bro same I literally just finished mine yesterday :woman_facepalming:

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I’m literally way behind on updating my tappable cc templates with the new hairstyles, I should catch up :lol: :woozy_face:

You could manually input each option into the hair portion of your script (so for example, if you split hairstyles into short, long, medium, updo, etc. just look at the visual appearance of the new hairstyles, categorize them and code them into the short, long, medium, updo, etc. section depending on what you feel fits best). If you use Dara’s CC templates:

Then if she hasn’t already, most likely she will update the CC templates, and make an announcement on it. When the templates are updated, you can post them into your story. But it’s also really easy to just edit the template (remember that even if you edit, if you use someone else’s template, you keep the credit in) :two_hearts:

P.S Yeah, it can be quite annoying to update cc every time, esp. if you have it multiple times throughout out your story :joy:


Haha I’m doing this right now :cry:

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