Hey! New to forums!


So one of my friends suggested me to make an account on forums and I have finally made one! Although I am new to forums I have been playing episode for a while and I don’t know anyone in here. I would like to make some friends ! So who’s up for it peeps?


Hey :slight_smile: Nice to meet you! I just woke up, but if you need any help around here, I’m almost always online :joy:


Haha thanks honey! I will keep that in mind! :blush:


Heyy! Welcome :blush:

I’ll pm you haha :smile:


Heyyy! Thanks! And sure.


Be careful around some people…they might bake you…:joy:


Oh my god… such as?


Look around the forum a bit and you’ll see :joy: One can also turn you into a flower…


Wow this place has it all :joy:


Rofl If it is so… I shall prefer being a red rose.


Cant wait to explore it all!


Yes, cake robbers, flower shops, bakeries, big families and confusing family trees, you can find everything here :joy:


I think someone already chose that :thinking:




Ah well I am sure there’s plenty of options still left! :heart:


Hahaha yeah! :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


Sure, I guess so.

Well, I’m getting breakfast now. Pm me if you want to keep talking later :joy:


Heyyy I’m Rawr/Flurry :smile:


Hey! Thanks.


Heyo I am Conner! :kissing_heart: