Hey peoples. I need a closet background please

I need a closet background that I guess you could describe as a man’s closet
I mean like a black closet but with women’s clothes

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Maybe something like this?

If you use it, please tag me as @Vanessa.h_storys :black_heart:


thank you! I’ll of course credit you!

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is it okay if I use this too?

** actually no, i don’t need it :)))

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Of course, you can (Even if you don’t need it :joy:)

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Thanks, and please don’t use the old name, it’s @v.h_arts (IG) now.
And good luck with your story btw.

It doesn’t matter to me, how I get credited, only that I at least do. So no need.

I’m not sure what you’re referring to (Like, my review or coding offers?). But currently, both are free.

I think you might have misunderstood my offers. In my reviews, I’m grading your story (without plot judgment, nor does it include anything related to the codes) and my coding offers only include coding things for people (not checking their work)

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There’s a template on the portal which lets readers type in the name they want.
Therefore you need an attribute (In the template it’s FIRSTNAME, but you can change it) and to use it in dialogue you have to write [FIRSTNAME]

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Oh okay sweet, so if I published it would the name stick with the character for the rest of the story?

Yes, exactly.

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Perfect :face_holding_back_tears::+1:

You got any favorite colors?:heart_eyes::ok_hand: