Hey please check this

Erm… I don’t know if I sound stupid. But I would like to work with / for episode. So. Is it possible? If yes where should I go, is there any form, link etc?
I hope I am not sounding stupid. Please forgive me if I sound stupid. It’s one of my wish :slight_smile:

Please note that I am not working for episode to earn money or something. If they are willing to pay I will accept. And again I don’t know if they will accept me

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So I’m not an expert on this, but there’s a program for episode writers, but you have to get a certain amount of reads on your story, a certain amount of reader retention, and an option of gem choices. So if you have any stories out, your first step should be to start promoting and trying to get readers to come and read your story. If you get enough readers, then episode might buy your story and you will get paid for your work.

I’m pretty sure that’s how this all works, but I’m not 100% sure. Look on the writers portal for the payments tab and read that info if you really want to learn

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Most of those are in San Fran.
Or do you mean as a featured writer?

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No. I was asking if we are allowed to fork for episode? I would love to work. For them…

And ty. I will try to submit that link.

Well the link I sent you has their open jobs (not all of them are specifically for Episode). But I believe you’d have to relocate (unless you’re already in San Fran) and like any company, their openings will vary. There have been a couple actually advertised on the forums in the past.

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Relocate means. We have to move to San Fran?

Yes. All those jobs have a location listed.
I’m not sure if they ever have remote jobs listed.

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