Hey, that’s cringe!

Share some of your cringiest moments on Episode. Don’t worry, we won’t judge!

It can be from usernames to first stories… Honestly anything!

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Just all my old stories that I never posted. :joy:


Yeah, my stories from when I was nine. They were never published, but I remember one called ‘Ready for Romance’ Wich was a reality TV show rip off of love island.

I never watched love island

I didn’t actually write it tho

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Just how i used to interact with the community in general when i was younger. I was in my social justice era and was extremely passionate about every little thing :sob: i know i annoyed a lot of people so its a bit embarrassing looking back.

Otherwise, i did write a few cringeworthy stories, but i think everyone did. I remember there used to be a small sub group of ppl on episode who wrote green day/mcr fanfiction that i used to be a part of.