HEY the gangs😊😂

hey, guys, check this story: the gangs by safi .

she well wants some feedback. u can send feedback on her twitter account: sierraepisode .

Can you provide a description of the story, too?

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i can tell her that

I haven’t clicked the link. I was asking if you could tell me what the story is about? lol

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Ik .lol i was asking her about it

Description : Your name is séraphina just a normal girl. Who end get kidnapped or if that truth? . Now your living with the person who kidnapped you. Are you going to be safe with him ( link)

that only thing she could tell me about the story.

I’m going to be a little blunt- nothing about that description would make me want to read it. The grammar isn’t good, its repetitive and if this goes the way I believe it will, it’s glorifying Stockholm syndrome. Also- obviously you aren’t “safe” with someone who has kidnapped you. Period.

So, no. I’m sorry. I would never read this story. Not trying to crush this writers dreams… but no.

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It okay it not even my story . it my friend

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It’s very nice of you to get feedback for her. And, I’m really not trying to be mean. There are just so many stories out there that are mirror images of this very thing. And the description doesn’t distinguish it from any of the others. Not to mention, it’s glorifying a very real and terrible mental illness. People with stockholm syndrome are kidnapped, abused to the point where their only option is to bond in some way with their captors to survive… if they are kept for months or years, they begin to interpret the captors actions as loving. And, that, to me, is not okay.

So, I wish her luck, but I wouldn’t click on this if I saw it on the app.


i understand

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