Hey there! are you also looking for a partner?

Soo, i myself had been looking for a writing partner or a friend who plays episode. it sucks because none of my family members and friends actually play episode nor they actually know episode. i had been doing a lot of smwhat reaserch for a writing partner, i had applied to so many aplication but i feel like they already have their own. because most of the time i feel shy for asking questions in the forum, i would just snoop around looking for answers lol, every single error i had was just too confusing, i would have to go to the forum and scroll down the ‘report a bug’ section for hours to find a cure. well, long story short, i would really appreciate it if you guys apply to my google application. i need a friend to help me with ideas, inspiration, errors, and my grammar too. i 'm not the top of my class in english and sometimes i get really shy to ask my friends even my sister :grimacing: soo without further ado here it is

instagram : @aidi.episode
email : aidi.episode@gmail.com
discord : aidi.yash#0586
or mybe you can just PM me :blush:

please apply this application form

Thank you soo much for applying and reading my long speech oml thank you :kissing_heart:
feel free to contact me whenever you want

Yash :heart:

Im able to help

hey @Sunnyclouds! thank you for replyng :heart: don’t hesitate to contact me, or you can just leave me your email, discord or instagram, whatever you like :blush:

Hey guys, @xaiver @Sunnyclouds.
I am in a writing group and we are still looking for some members.
Would you like to be in our group? If you are interested check out the link below.

thank you @cavanna :slight_smile:

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wanna be in my group

Umm i will help you write and my instagram is sky_bye_bye hope to hear back