HEY THERE FELLOW USERS! Need a writing partner? EDIT: FOUND ONE!


Hey guys i need a writing partner for my new episode “Rich Queens” ! It would help a bunch!

:purple_heart: :peace_symbol: RyRy


Hey! I can be your writing partner


I know a lot of stuff already about coding an episode story. I personally think I’m an amazing author. I really would LOVE to help!


yes i need one bad


OK! How exactly do we uh… do this lol!


Sorry first comes first but i know that there are other threads!


I need a writing partner, I just started episode and I could really use some help.


I can


IM helping 2 people write a story


Thank you so much!


If you need help with episode go to @Dara.Amarie shes very very good at explaining how to write on episode!


I can make all kinds of art


me please



if you need some art go here


I could especially use help with art and making covers.


where do you wanna chat




Can I give you my email?


if you want art go to the link and if you need help writting just pm me


@L.I.W.F @XoxoFera
How bout we all write the story together? I have not ever seen a three way story, maybe we can try?