Hey there tips?

Hey there,I’m newer to the community and I’m working on one of my newer storys,any tips?
Have a great day!


Watch Joseph Evens tutorials it really helps! :3

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  • PLAN your story, BEFORE YOU START anything else.

  • Ask yourself some questions when u start with your story plot:

a. What setting does the story take place?
b. Who are the MCs?
c. Male or Female MCs?
d. How many Love Interests?
e. How will your story start and finish?
f. Will there be any choices or no choices at all.
g. Does the MC have a family, or no family at all.
h. What are the MCs likes, and dislikes; hobbies; occupation (job)?
i. Where is the MC from?
j. Do u want to have diversity in your story or not?
k. Does the MC have pets?
l. Does the MC go through any conflict with family, friends, etc.

Watch tutorials on Youtube, such as:

  • Mary D Sava
  • Dara Amaire
  • Josesph Evans
  • Episode Notes
  • Episode TV

and many u can find there.


thank you,have an wonderful day!

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thank you soo much,have an amazing day!

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U too, and goodluck on yr story!

I agree with others about watching Joseph Evans.
Also I recommend getting an Instagram for your stories and writing! You’ll meet many people in the community there.

I have an instagram made for episode just havent been on it for a while I will look and see who else can help me on there!,have an magnificent day!

What’s your Insta? :slight_smile:
I’ll follow you if you want.

exa.episode,Dont mind the writer tag

I’d really recommended reading Coding 101 by @TalGordin :relieved:

It’s a story on episode and she takes you through everything you need to know about coding on episode. I found it so hard to use the portal and then I read it and it’s helped me so much. She’s constantly updating it so don’t worry if you don’t see a guide on a particular subject yet.

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Hi! First of all, you can’t write an Episode story without having a solid knowledge of coding. Watch Joseph Evans’ tutorials for basic coding and then learn more advanced code on dara-amarie.com and read her guides here on the forums. If you want to learn more about advanced coding (before doing this you have to be confident with basic coding) watch Mary D Sava’s tutorials. Then I suggest you to create a pilot story, were you test out the new things you learn. When you’re confident enough, start planning your story. I use a template on episodelife.com by Tara Star and it’s super helpful. If you have any questions please don’t hesitate to PM me, I’d love to help you!

Check out Dara.Amarie 's website. Watch some useful coding vids, or find some help on forums.

I think it’s a good idea to plan for your main characters, so make a template which has their birthday, likes, dislikes, fears, zodiac sign, name meaning, whether they wear glasses or not ect…

I tend to make mine up as I go but I always find it helpful to plan out the characters.

Good luck!!

Thank you for recommending Coding 101! :grin: :heart:

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Hi exaa! Im actually working on my first story and here are a few tips:

  1. Never give up, It sometimes takes me 7 tries to get something right. (Character custumizations UGHHH)
  2. If you dont know how to do something look for help! I either search it up on google, episode forums, or search up Dara Amarie for templates.
  3. I have found that it is very akward to not end with idle. If you dont do that the character will stay frozen!!!
    ex from my story:
    SARIAH (talk_pointup_happy)
    This is the last one!
    @SARIAH starts idle
    @MARGO starts text_phone_neutral_loop
    It looks a lot better than if I had kept Sariah at pointup happy.
  4. Check your grammar, capitilization, and the smoothness and flow. Also get at least 3 other opinions on your story before you publish it!!!
    Follow me on episode: :slight_smile: Margo Monroe :slight_smile:
    Stay tuned for my first story!