Hey...uh.im looking for some new best friend

Hii anyone wants to be friends?..


I would love to be your friend! @melaniesmall

Rlly thank you

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I’ll pm u

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I’ll be your friend too if you want! :blush:

If you still need one. I will be your new bestie​:heartpulse::heartpulse::heartpulse::heartpulse:

If you still need one, I need some forum friends! :blush:


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Thank u ofc

Awe I’d love that

PM me if you feel like talking :blush:

we could toally be friends if you want :pleading_face:

Lol we’re already friends

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lmfao I need to start reading the full thing before I post anything :rofl:
:heart: :heart:


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but anyway pm me if you ever wanna talk girl!! :heart: :heart: :pleading_face:

Ofc!!! :heart::heart:

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Sure, I’ll be your friend

Pm whether you’d like

@melaniesmall me :star_struck:
PM me sis! :sparkles:

I would love to be your friend