Hey! Would you uh.. read this?

Being dumped on the circuses traveling doorstep, Ilaya lived her whole life as an acrobat. But when old memories begin to pull her down, will she be able to fight them with the help of a certain clown?

Dont steal ty*

  • Yes I would read this
  • Yes but needs some work!
  • No- bye

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Omg thank you!!! And absolutely!

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oh yeah- sorry lmao

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I love it! Watch grammar/spelling though <3. Circus’s*

Also, see if there’s a way you can shorten it. I’ll use my story as an example. :copyright: No stealing <3

What I won’t use ; You, Anna Serenova, are the world’s greatest criminal. But there’s something you don’t know. Your blood heals your arch-nemesis, aka the world’s greatest superhero!

What I used; Unbeknownst to you, your blood heals Earth’s greatest superhero. Problem? You’re Earth’s greatest super-villain.


Depends on the clown
Like is he more of an entertainer or a really goofy clown, I hope you understand what I mean lol


OMG!! That plot sounds soooo unique. I would hands down read that!! Count me in!!! :heart_eyes:

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