Hey, you! It's Giveaway Time!

So…I have a giveaway on Instagram!!!
It just started this morning and there’s lot’s of time to go and enter!!
If you want to enter just follow all three of these accounts, we’ve posted the rules and prizes to our feed!
@ episode.gracie.p
@ moonstone_episode
@ episode_jayden.p

You can enter on Instagram, but if you don’t have instagram and really wanna enter, just pm me on here and I’ll add you in!!

Random Tags

sorry if you don’t want to be tagged, just let me know and I’ll take you off! :blush:
@Your_girl.kay @KylieJay @June_Sinclair @dazzling_ash @xiomara17 @elliebrooke @MMG
@LeonardoDaBetty @Superpup @episode.jeimy @episode.lillz

It is preferred that you enter on Instagram but once again, if you really want to enter just pm me or comment below and I’ll add you in!!!

:warning: THIS IS NOT A SOCIAL MEDIA SHARING THREAD!!! it’s only to notify more people about it!!

  • Gracie :warning:

also sorry if this is the wrong category!


Sounds super cool I wish u the best of luck


Thanks!! lol


I just wanted to add that the giveaway will close NOVEMBER 30th
Happy entering!!!


If anyone wants to enter there’s still lot’s of time!!!

@noyaan @AngelaMartinez @Maeverie.Rivera



There are 9 days left to enter!!
it’s preferred you enter on Instagram but you can also enter by PM me if you don’t have instagram and want to enter!!!
Good luck, and happy entering!! :blob_hearts: :blob_hearts:

- Gracie :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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Only 7 days left to enter, you better hurry if you want to enter time is running out!!!
Thanks to everyone who has entered so far, good luck!!

- Gracie :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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The Giveaway Has Come to an end!!!

thanks to all who entered and showed their support!
I luv you all :heart:

  • Gracie :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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