Heya! I need a background!

I need a background of a very basic train dining car to go with the Episode background INT. TRAIN CAR - DAY. Can anybody help me out?


@CinnamonToast I reccomend.

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Thank you! @wanderingwolf why do you need another train background? I don’t mean to be rude but I thought I made you a dining one already.

@CinnamonToast you did… I decided I really just want a basic one but I felt like asking you again would be really bothersome. I’m sorry. I love your work though and if you’d like to do this I would love that!

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Alright, I think I can do it, since the one I did was slightly fancy, can you give more specific details this time?

I want it to match the Episode background INT. TRAIN CAR - DAY. Really basic and easy to work with. Thank you so so much!

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I apologize that it took me so long!
here it is, and make sure to credit my forum username, thank you! feel free to ask for any changes you would like to be made,
And here are the overlays:

And here it is without the wine set, just in case you don’t need it:

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Thank you!