Heyo I'm in need of some friends

I’ve bunked my classses a lot of time :joy::joy:

Lol if i ditch my classes my parents would nag me like there no tomorrow

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This song was made a year ago but I’m gonna play still


Hahahaha :joy: that’s great you won’t be able to bunk and enjoy your day :wink:

I’m going off to sleep, I’ve to wake up before 3pm lol


It was nice talking to you. :wink:

You too❤ i’ll talk to you soon

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Damnnn I like this song veryyy much


It’s one of my favourite songs

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Ugh I have to sleep and I have school in the morning :disappointed: bye everyone :v:I’ll be back late tomorrow afternoon

I feel you, sometimes I miss school sometimes I don’t :roll_eyes:

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5 am time for me to go to hell(school)

@Iforgotmypassword do you have school today?

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:sob::sob::sob: at least it’s pajamas day today but tomorrow is dress up as your favourite holiday and I’m going as the Easter bunny​:rabbit:

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