Heyo I'm in need of some friends


Holy crap I cant do my homeworkkk


I take Advance math classes what kind of things don’t you get? My brother pays me to do his homework which is Everything i done last year


I never finish homework at home i do it during my study hour at school


No I literlly cant do my homework I don’t know how to focus


Take a few minutes off


That’s why i do it at school because my phone distracts me and at school no phones are allowed expect at lunch. Do you have homework now?


I think i’m a online addict


Me too i used to skip sleep and be on Instagram but now it’s forum


I have to do something I’ll be back in 15 minutes


Mk les


I’m back


Do you know what flat-foot is?


Um nu


It’s when you have no arch in foot


I have it in my right foot


Oh well thats random


Yeah I am a very random person😂


I remember yelling at a 3rd grade on my bus because kept screaming keke do you love me? in my ears


Lmao :joy:


Yeah I had a bad day at school and he was pushing my limits on purpose after i finish screaming he called me bitch