Heyy lgbt fans, I highly recommend this story!

This story ‘Bye Bye Bad Boy’ by katpphic ( I’m not the author ) but I like this story so much that I have to write this topic!

The story started with the shocking news that high school’s bad boy has been murdered and they said that you’re the one who did it. And then it’s flashed back to the beginning that would told you why all these happened, that how that bad boy cheated on your high school’s queen bee so she want to revenge by using you break his heart, but when days passed… she start to feel something for you.

I love this story because the plot is interesting and different. But not many people know this story and I’m afraid that the author not gonna continue. So I did what I can do, recommended this story to all of you. hope you like it;) thanks for reading!

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I haven’t see this thread until now? But :sob::sob::sob::heart::heart::heart: