Heyyo Marriage Yayyyyy


Heyyo Yeah has to close the other one dang I never got my other nap so whoop whoop here I am.

Okay I’m like looking for a husband or wife. Yes I am straight but like :woman_shrugging:t5: It’s the forums one of my kids is also my spirit animal anything can happen. So yeahhhhh here I am. This can be somewhere where you just say how crazy I am to have this, or yeah we get married I’m all for it :smirk:.

But for real I’m just playing over here this isn’t a real real relationship so for real don’t think this is the start of love. So yeah thanks.

Also you can ask me any question here as well I mean I really do have time.

Would you marry me?

  • Heck naw
  • Yessss lets go!
  • Ummm who are you?
  • What’s with marriage?
  • Mom?
  • We’re related…:no_mouth:
  • I’m an ex

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I voted @Chocolate_Mama! :sparkles:


:joy: I’m like so tired but I’m laughing so good job


Go. Take. Your. Nap. :joy:


I can’t I have to make this damn dinner I mean all they need is water then bed I mean dang dinner is an opti


…Wow, life.


Ikr pshhhhh


And you’re still single. :joy:


Ikr! Like danggggg does no body want to get married?!


Not to you, no. :laughing:


I see the love…child!


I’m glad you see it… mother!




What attitude mother dearest? :innocent:


I will throw my shoe at you


I see the love… mother!


@Jeremy lol sorry man can you close this to