Heyyy! Would anyone be up to make a somewhat simple cover for my new story I'm working on?

Hey! I’m writing a new story called Help Me while taking a break from my other story because I have soooo much inspiration and motivation for this one at the moment. If anyone would like to make me a cover that would be great! There is no rush on it, since I am now just beginning, so no pressure at all!

For anyone who may be interested-

What the story is about

This story is about a girl that is nice and caring and always so “happy” that meets a boy that is the complete opposite. Emerson, the MC, starts to positively effect the boy, Layton. Where they become great friends, but it isn’t always that easy.

Ideas for a cover

I would like the main characters, Layton And Emerson holding each others hand and facing each other and looking into each others eyes. Where on Emerson’s side, the background and her outfit is all bright and colorful, while on Layton’s side, its dark and gloomy.

If anyone would like to help! Let me know. Thanks xx


maybe write the story before you look for a cover, it do take some time and most people give up on the story, no reason to waste someones time with doing art when you are so far from needing it


That’s a really good idea, I didn’t even think about that. Thank you!