Heyyyy I need LL models

Hey, I suck at L*mefright so can y’all send me ss of any limefright characters you have that are clear and aren’t blurry. Also if I edit em do you want me to tag you on my insta if yes leave yo insta below.


@Kaidey @MSoldin0403 sorry if I seem like a rude brat, but itd help if you screenshotted your character from the EA found on @episode_amanda ‘s Link on Instagram or linktree if not that’s fine also please read what I stated above.

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Ahh okay then nvm ty

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I would love that thank you @kaidey_eppi

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Np and got it

What’s your insta?

It’s @f.r.o.s.t.a.y.c.r.e.a.t.e.s :joy: I have another but it’s my spam so yea

:blob_hearts: IG: Liyah.episode


Just in case that headband is in the way.

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Omg btw ur character is so cUTEEe

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Thank you, lovely! :black_heart::yay:

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Absolutely If you edit mine I want you to tag me on my insta @roy_episode

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Here is me (an episode version of my real life self):

I can send you a bunch of other characters from my stories if you want.

Remember to read above-


Woolen skirt


Character details:

Copper 09 | Round Medium ~ Black Dark | Medium Shoulder Curly ~ Brown Black | Round Medium ~ Hazel Dark | Diamond Long | Round Flared Upturned | Full Heart Pouty ~ Dark Apricot Gloss

Grey ish

Character details:

Copper 03 | Round Thin ~ Dark Brown | Medium Side Part Flip ~ Chestnut Brown | Male Deep Sunken ~ Blue Deep | Chiseled Square Stubble Shaved | Aquiline Medium | Full Heart Natural ~ Pink Peach Medium Matte

Red Velvet

Character details:

Rose 00 | Straight Medium ~ Chestnut Brown | Long Thick Curls ~ Ash Blond | Deepset Downturned Lidded ~ Ice Blue | Square Jaw | Straight Narrow | Medium Heart ~ Pink Warm Gloss


Here are some :wink:



One is my Episode character, the couple are two characters in my upcoming story. If you do the couple, I might include it in the story! (As long as it fits the size & you’re okay with that!)
My Instagram is @kennedychasewrites
Happy editing! :blob_hearts:

If you need anymore.

My instagram is Epi_everything