Heyyyy let’s talk

Hey people lets talk and make friends!

I’ll start
I love drawing
I sell cupcakes
I play piano and clarinet

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Hey! I love writing & I have a book coming out soon!


Oooooooo! What’s it about?

I actually have 2. One for episode & 1 for wattpad.


And why does it say your an episode community member?


I don’t know. Maybe because I transferred my old account to here

? Idk either

I play the piano too!

And the ukulele :smile:

I love singing
I love cheerleading
I cook
I am an introvert

I love drawing, too. Do you have a dA?
I am ISTJ, Introverted, sensing, thinking, judging - the logician (I like to dub myself as the logic mage)
I play drums (I also have an alter ego that is an Elven Audiomage!)
I love writing, not as much as drawing, but I am naturally left brained, so it comes easier to me

I have drawings of dragons published and I am a proud Christian (who still needs to work on prayer, but that’s okay)

Hey! I’m claire

I love iceskating
I love snowboarding
I like to eat food yeeess
I’m currently in school right now, and coding 2 episode stories. I’m coding on eon my own, and also coding another one with another one of my friends.

I’ve never been ice skating or snow boarding.

However, food, is yes. <3 Mostly. Some food. I wish I could not eat food sometimes, but yeah. XDXD

Are you in high school or college? I’m in between colleges currently. lol

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