Hi! Background needed ASAP!

Hi! I’m making a story and I really need a kinda “special” background request. In the story, there are triplet babies but one of them die (ik kinda depressing) and I need a nursery for the girl triplets. They are all girls btw. Can anyone help? Btw to review it’s a nursery for 3 girl triplets :slight_smile:

Hey love! Do you want the cribs in a row or spread out

Can you have it symmetrical? Like on opposite sides?

Ofc love!
Would you like one of the episode ones then I can edit it or an orgianal
(sorry I can’t spell)

An original and don’t worry, I’m not the best at spelling either. You may know my best friend and #1 helper, Grammarly. Lol :joy:

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Hey love! I’m really sorry for bothering you but I need some cribs if you could help

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Yikes! Ummm, do you know where I can find them?

nvm love! I’m not done but from right now what changes do you want made…

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Ooh! Nice!

Also, question not relating to this. Do you write stories?

I’m actually working on first story called A night to remember! :heart_eyes:
If you got any LL characters that I could use as extras :pleading_face:

Oh yes, I do! My question is for my dressing game template. I have a template and it works fine but, I have too many outfit choices and I don’t know how to make them all fit on my screen. Do you know how I can add the arrow for the rest of the choices so that I can still see the character? Sorry that’s a lot :joy:

Also, here

The first one’s Adrian and the second is Angel!

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Have you check out https://www.dara-amarie.com/ this is where I get all my templates!
And thxs love for the charcters!

not to be that person, but are those cribs and background copyright free? dont want you to get in trouble!

lol yes! I already checked

I did but it only shows 3 outfits. I have 17 for readers to choose from lol

hey love just finishing up! Do you have any specific thing you want me to put?

you may wanna try the closest menu.
Sorry Love idk what else to say I just give them 3 outfits.