Hi can anyone please Help me with coding AGAIN tappable overlays customization

First thing hi and thank you for your time
So there is this command
@CHARTACTER changes into
Now when you do flashback and you want to change the cartacter face shape
I know you Write on the scrift
@CHARTACTER changes into (exampel) round face
I need the command that changes back after the flashback to what it was befor the command

Don’t use the “changes into” command as that permanently changes the feature.

Instead, you would use the previews/unpreviews command.

@CHARACTER previews face Face Shape Name

Then to revert back to the original face, use:

@CHARACTER unpreviews face Face Shape Name

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K thank you so much :cherry_blossom:
But what if I don’t know the original face shape

You don’t need to. The unpreviews command is unpreviewing (removing) the face you changed them into.

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Oh I understood thank you :blush:

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Hi again
Do you make art?

Hi I need help with tappable overlays customization