Hi can i get some help please

Hi im trying to get my Characters to walk off stage but it doesn’t look right can someone help me and how do I change the hair when im about to put them to sleep? I just cant get these to right.

Walking off stage, type:

@CHARACTER exits right

And for the hair do you want the reader to choose or just change it?

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For my first 3 chapters I will just change it and then in 4-5 I will let the readers im still new at this and learning. & that’s what I put when they walk off but it looks funny. when I put that they get big before they walk off stage and idk what im doing wrong ill send you of what I put.

Just changing hair is:

@CHARACTER changes hair into Name of the hair

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@speechbubble is 214 321 to 100% with tail_top_right
BRIAN (talk_exhausted)
You are wasting time! come or don’t.

    BRIAN (talk_arms_crossed)
You came all this way might as well come inside Bree.

@BREE is idle_arms_crossed

@BRIAN exits right AND BRIAN faces right

@zoom on 666 252 to 653% in 0

@pause for a beat

@BREE is breathe_deep

this Is what I put for him to walk off but it looks funny. he gets big before he leaves the stage.

thank you so much

Maybe try exiting for a second and reloading it? I tested it just now and it looks fine to me.

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Thank you. I will leave it maybe it is just my laptop. Its not been reloading everything for me and makes it look funny when its not.

one more question. im trying to use this overlay but its not showing up am I doing something wrong?


More amazing work by @Blake.epy.

Or is it just my computer?

Episode’s black and white backgrounds are messed up. They make the overlay huge and miles away, so when you reduce its size to what you want, it’s really glitchy and etc… Upload your own black background, try again and if it doesn’t work, reply to me or PM us :wink:

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Thank you so much I will try that now. I was wondering why it was doing that! :slight_smile:

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