Hi, Can I Have Your Opinion on This?

Hi, Turtle Cat here! I asked this question yesterday about my first drawn Episode art and I got a lot of bad reviews, so I tried to fix it! I did another one that kinda hopefully looks better then the old one.

Here it is. I’d love you hear your outtake on this. Just like last time, don’t sugar coat it. I’d love to hear what I can improve on!


Hello! I am glad u listened to mine! :heart:, it looks better! But maybe loosen up the shorts? Like make it a lil bit for a more realistic effect!

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And also complete the hands :heart:

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Okay. Thank you. I will!

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im obsessed and in love with the hair, facial features and the outfit idea but here are some improvements you should make:

  • make the lines smoother, I can see where you stopped drawing then continued

  • make the outfit look a bit more realistic (the shirt is fine) e.g. the shorts at the Bottom are way to straight and in real life that wouldn’t happen (but I love the way you drew them, just the bottom part)

  • introduce some shading, around the chest and belly area (this is a cartoon style drawing so smooth blended shading wouldn’t go with it)

overall I love it. if you need any help pm me.
also, what app did you use?

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I used IbisPaint X. But I’m not very skilled, as you can see.:sweat_smile:
Thank you for honest feedback I’ll try to work on these factors next time :sparkling_heart:

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ok , if its ibis paint then I can really help you.

you may not be ‘skilled’ now, but with practice you’ll be better than ever this already looks amazing

I’ll pm you an you could walk me through it. If you can.

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of course I can

Oh my god! That’s adorable! You’re so talented! :heart_eyes: :heart:

Not really. But I’m so glad you think so! Thank you! :heart: :sparkling_heart: