Hi can someone make me a profile picture please?


Im new to the community and not exactly very fond of my profile picture. If you can help please let me know, it would be appreciated.


Episode harmony can


I can too! I will send examples!


Go here


Here they are!


Thank you I will check them out!


Thanks I will check them out!


@epy.raven I will take up Madison’s offer as you guys must get pretty busy. What do you need?


I just need you till fill out the forum on our thread!


Were not


Please request


She already chose Madi.


Sorry but I choose Madison I hope you can forgive me?


Cause she thought we were busy I was just telling her/she that were not


But I really like Madison and Teah’s examples.


Do you know how to delete this?


Tag the admins


Hey @epy.raven, its’ completely fine, there will be more wonderful chances in the future to help people out! :green_heart: All of you are very talented and people who request have their own preferences-don’t let it bother you. Ever. :sunglasses::sparkling_heart:


Awww and guesse what



Haha Jem you’re such a sweet person