Hi can someone plz make me a special art scene?

plz message me privatly if you can help. I also need this asap plz!

I could! I hope it doesn’t bother you that I posted it here lol , it’s just a bit faster and easier :slight_smile:

Also check this so you can see my artwork

thx yes plz help

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Okay so you liked my examples? If so , please give me the character details :slight_smile:

ok thank u

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No problem! My pleasure! Just to know , it will look like my examples :slight_smile:

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ok can youmake me a pretty girlweraing a red dreess that has a slit going up to her thigh and she holding gun up and guy is faceing her back smirking olding a gun while wearing a suit and the background is a casinio

Could I ask , what the characters look like?

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um the girl black hair blue eyes with big red lips and the guy has green eyes brown hair and uneven lips plz.

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I guess I could work with that. Do you want it to look like the one I did for “agent 24”?

holdon lemme see

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can you show me it i cant seem to find it! :grin::grin:

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thx ur so sweet :heart:

Aww no problem :slight_smile:

how soon can u finish my coverart but can you make him hold her back in a dip position

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I’ll try as fast as possible :slight_smile:

thx when can i see the example? :grin::grinning: