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If you want to do a repeat on the last episode in the new how do you do? And i want the readers to choice if they want a reapeat?


At the beginning of the story you would put at the beginning;
Do you want a recap?
choice “Yes” {
goto Recap
“No” {
goto Story
Then put a label
Label Recap
(here you would put your recap of the last episode)
After the recap you would put
Label Story
(This is where the episode starts)


In the recap you want to put the highlights of the last episode (copy and paste from the last episode)


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You can either make a choice, @Jahstoriess already explained it pretty clear, (if you know how to use goto’s and labels)

Or you can just make a recap from the previous episode/s without a choice if it’s important, for people to remember what happened before that.

For the recap you can take a few scenes with parts that were important and copy+ paste them one after one into the new episode’s script. I just copy the whole scene to not forget anything, and then just delete most of it, and keep the parts I want people to see in the recap because they are important for the new episode.

You can change them a little, for example, if you have a long pause somewhere, in the recap make it short.

And make sure to remember every outfit choice (if there are any) so you can use them in the recap!


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