Hi Does anyone know any good cover artists.I need one for my first story the underground

Does anyone know any good Semi realistic cover artists? If so here is everything you need to know. First off yes I am ok with commissions here is my price range ($30-$45). If you’re interested please PM me on here or DM me my Instagram is alexastanly345. Also I don’t care how long it takes to make it as long as the quality is good too take your time.

All other info Is shown below






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Also I forgot to mention but could he have boxing gloves on?

Hi, I really recommend @echosmyname @cynthia.episode @TheMidJunes @Zoe.A


There’s so many different artists you can choose from, but I suggest.

Her art is beautiful and her prices are good considering how realistic her style is. She is from Ukraine so, it might take her a while to take any commissions.

Her prices


I also suggest.

Her commissions are open, she has a semi-realistic style, and she’s super nice to work with. She made my awesome covers. I don’t have her prices but she’s on the cheaper side. :blush:

thank you
@Marysol.Episode and @Bellaex for all your helpful suggestions I will make sure to check them out. :blush:


she has some great art for around $35!! i would definitely consider it semi-realistic too! hope you find what you’re looking for :))

Thank you @mer.stories for your amazing suggestion.

@Nat.Alia does semi-realistic. Her art is super beautiful btw. I believe her commissions are open too.

@Teemaraart on Instagram has commissions open, their style is Semi-realism

@Vaalmet on Instagram has commissions open too, just don’t know what their art style is since they don’t have info. on that. Looking at their profile seems like their art may be something you’re after?

@Insparrow_arty on Instagram has commissions open too

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Hello doll, I’d love to work on a cover for you :innocent:

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thank you very much for recommending me :sparkling_heart:

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Hey if you are still looking for a commissioned artist I could maybe help!

My art is semi realistic
I can take for 3 days to 2 weeks

My examples!

my prices

If there is anything you need and want to discuss and you can contact me either on here or my Insta @x_jess_episode_x

Thanks youu :rose:

Thank you so much for recommending me lovely!!

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Hi there. I am a semi realistic artist and i’d love to help out. Though I think my price may be too much for you - $66, I offer high quality and a lot of love in my pieces. I am happy to send over examples and discuss it with you further if you’re interested. My instagram is @art_.by._zo for some recent examples of my work.

I can happilly help you i you want.

Hi!! If you are still looking Im open for commissions!
Here are some of my samples:


Lemme know if you’re interested!

Hi guy I would just like to let you all know why I have to been responding.You see I read a lot about the recent trend of people writing story surrounding the crime/romance/drama genre.And a lot of people are saying their tired of it so I Unfortunately scrapped the idea.

So I been busy thinking if I still wanted to buy the art but I decided I dot need it. :grin: