Hi everyone! I forgot to introduce myself--

Hey guys!! I forgot to introduce myself to the everyone…Sorry!! I am Fiona-Vixen and I am here to meet new people and to talk a lot on the forums…This seems to be a fun website and I look forward to talking to you all…Hope everyone has a very pleasant day today!! Peace, Fiona 8-]]


ooh corpse bride


Hi! Welcome and nice to meet you! Honestly I’m here for the same reasons :joy: but the forums are very friendly!

Hey Fiona!

Hello! Welcome to the Forums!


Hiya Fiona!! Welcome to the forums! :v: :blob_hearts:

Welcome to the forums!

Also I ADORE corpse bride :slightly_smiling_face:

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Hi welcome to the forums Fiona! I’m pretty new myself, if you ever need a friend feel free to PM me😊

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Hey Fiona! I’m Emily and I’ve recently joined too. Lovely to meet you! X

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Hello, Fiona! This is a fun website and good place to meet friendly people! Most people here are friendly and have amazing talents! :sparkling_heart:



Hi, it’s nice to meet you! :blob_hearts:
I’m new here as well :grin:

Hi Fiona 8-]] This is officially my new fave keyboard face 8-]]

Thanks to everyone for the warm welcome!! @ HaHnh—I got this 8-]] from an old friend from an old website I used to belong too–I guess I use it kind of like a signature…Anyhow…8-]]


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