Hi everyone I need help

So I would need help for art creation helping me for doing co writing and I would like that someone teach me how to do the coding if someone is interested in helping me so message me


Hey love I can teach you basic & advanced coding
Dm me in my IG - _angryybirdd _ whenever you have any issues in coding

What is ig

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If you don’t have Instagram you can pm here in Forums

I message u

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Try joining @Superpup’s coding class

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Moved to Find a Writing Partner. Make sure to check out our Forum Tutorial for more info about creating topics, and feel free to PM me if you’ve got questions. :smiley:

can someone help me i,m trying to make a story but i have a hard time

I would love to help. I am still learning though.


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My insta is maysacostandinidis

Hey guys
I want someone help for writing my story
So if u r interested in helping message me please

I want that someone help me for the writing please

Sure, what do you need help with?

With the writing

Hi guys how r u
I want that someone help me to write a story
If u r interested message me on Instagram @angelededouche
Or message me here

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Hi do you need a co-writer for your story or just any story like for example my story. Instagram is jazz.episode01

Need a co-writer

I message u on Instagram

Hi guys how r u
I was wondering if someone can help me for the writting