Hi guys, Can anyone help me with some overlays? (OPEN)

*Hi,I need help with my overlays if anyone need is willing to help, please contact me on my Instagram @ zaniyahpentill *


what if we dont have insta

What do you need help with?

You may just email me on here:)

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I need help with Overlays

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You need help finding them, or positioning them maybe, like what are you trying to do with them?

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Positioning them and saving them

Ive seen loads of Instagram accounts that give free overlays🐚

I can help with that, can you give me the script or whatever I’d need and I can position them and send them back to you

Ok thank you so much but im having more trouble like saving them and Positioning

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Sure how do i send you that??

Just pm me the script, maybe the background you’re using and the script, I can position the OL and then send it back to you :slightly_smiling_face:

Dm you the script on what exactly

Just messaged you on instagram!

Ok whats your instagram

It’s @indigo_episode. Or, if you’d like, you can message me for requests on this thread:

Indigo’s (AKA J.B.) Art Request Thread