Hi guys ,how can I walk without any animation

Hey ,how can I walk without any animation ? I mean without any animation include walking. For example I need to make character flying. There is such a glitch that no animation and the character seems to slide on the floor or air


@MC walks to spot 0.470 20 398 in 2.5 and MC does it while idle_treadwater_neutral_loop

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Thank you, but I didn’t quite mean it. But also as an option. What I meant there was no animation at all. But thank you:smile::smile:

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I added a gif to the main question. That is what was meant.

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That’s what they used though. They used the “does it while” command, it’s just a different animation.

as if the animation is there but it does not work, but it turns out that Jack is floating and not performing an action :point_down:
@JACK walks to spot 0.401 23 437 AND JACK does it while walk_neutral_loop AND JACK is pickup_paper_neutral
@JACK walks to spot 0.401 87 438 AND JACK faces left
@DEN spot 0.393 -39 433 AND DEN walks to spot 0.393 21 438 AND DEN does it while walk_exhausted_loop AND DEN is idle_exhausted_cramp_loop
And although I probably understood how this is done :rofl:

The problem is “AND JACK is pickup_paper_neutral”. It’s on the same line/beat as the walking animation. Put it on a seperate line.

Same with DEN and his cramp

I understood everything, by the way who doesn’t know what can be done to make it look like it’s flying
@CHARACTER spot 0.498 266 794
@CHARACTER walks to spot 0.498 210 385 in 1 AND CHARACTER does it while walk_neutral_loop AND CHARACTER is talk_agree_happy
You need 2 animations in one line, this is how it looks (Look at the lady with wings) :point_down:

Yeah already guessed it, but thanks a lot :sweat_smile::blush:

You don’t ever actually need to use the “walk_neutral_loop” animation, it does that by default

Oh, for sure, I kind of tried it this way, but she was walking, not sliding. But the main thing figured out, thanks!:heartbeat::blush:

Marked solved and closed. Thanks :yay: