Hi guys I have an error message in my preview section can you help me please :'(


06 Hi guys, this error message stop me from updating my story. I can’t do spot directing, anything. What can I do ?
Thank you so much :persevere:


What browser are you using?


Safari & google chrome :frowning:


Save it close the browser and reopen it


already done, and now I have this error message 01


Try clearing your cookies, also your history for today. if this doesn’t work try using firefox. With my old computer I had to switch browsers a couple of times. Question, Are you using mobile then going back to web browser script


I’ll try that, thank you so much !! :star_struck:
And using episode on my mobile ? No :slight_smile: :sweat_smile:


Some people do lol. I know when I very first started I tried mobile but it was more confusing than web browser. So when I went to continue the story on my web browser my script did the same thing when trying to save that’s why I asked. Lol


I did too, I thought this was the good writer portal back then. Then I tried with my iPad. And now it still won’t work, even if with Firefox, the error message is even longer with firefox. I’m desperate :tired_face: :sweat_smile: :joy:


What are you trying to do in your story right now, like just place them?

Or is it spot placement zooms, overlays also


All of that :joy: :persevere:


If this is the case, copy and place your script that your currently have written, paste it on a word document. After that, Erase everything on the writers portal. Take it back to how it usually starts

The INT. - Black - Day NARRATOR To be continued…

Save this, See if that works. If it saves perfectly with just how it usually starts, try bringing your work back over. Let me know if this works.


I think the problem comes from the scene that I’m writing, cause the error message appears from this scene, darn. I’ve a background in review, it’s maybe because of that, but having a background in review never caused me any problem before.


I’d try reloading your catalog. See if it’s still in review or denied, etc. If the problem keeps happening, I’d submit a ticket


Hey there are you using a timed choice? If yes, it is not viewable on the writer’s portal and will give you an runtime error if you try to test it out-it can only be tested out on the app-on your mobile device at the moment : )
Good day!


I’ve split the episode in two part finally. I was fed up ! But I’ll keep all your advices for sure ! Thank you so so much !! :laughing::laughing::joy::joy:


No I don’t :frowning: . Thank you :kissing_closed_eyes::relaxed:


i get those to but all i did was refresh the page thats all i did and it disappeared