Hi guys I need help

Hello everyone I need help with the writing of my book

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What book are you thinking of writing, can you tell me more?!

Sure do u have Instagram ?

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Yes @make.episode

Mine it’s Angèle soulard

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Hi guys I need an artist and a co-writer

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U need to add more details (:

  • Drawn / Edited
  • Commission / Request
  • No. characters
  • Character Details
  • Poses
  • Etc…

I don’t understand what u mean

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u need to provide more info basically, ru going to b paying ur artist? What sort of art do u need n how much? What kind of story ru writing w ur co-writer? can u direct? Basically, u need to provide more context abt what u need to help anyone who’s interested understand what ur looking for :white_heart:


The story is a fantasy romance

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Hey guys I need help for the cover I need a co-writer
Il u r interested in helping me
Message me

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Do you need a coder or a writer?

What kind of cover, drawn or edited?

Writer and a drawn cover

I can help you with writing and you might want to check and art shop for a drawn cover.