Hi guys I need someone to help me writing a story I have in mind


Hey guys, hope you’re all doing well. I’m a beginner here and I have this amazing plot in my mind so please reply if you’re interested. THANKS!


Greetings! I’d be more then happy to help you with this story you have in mind!


Thank you alot




I just need a casual writer like we can share the story and the ideas, but mainly I need help with what I guess is what you call directing


Did you publish any stories from before?


So, it seem like you mainly need with spot directing, zooms, etc?


Well ya somehow


Since I’m a beginner in here, I don’t really know much about this kinda stuff so ya!


Oh, I actually am working on little story, don’t you ever just think of this perfect idea for a story, then eventually you’re just like, ya know what, forget this I wanna make a diff story, lol.


But I do see myself publishing a story very soon!


Hahaha I know I started my directing and I think that this story is good. And i just need some help


Sounds great! But, what is this story gonna be about? Romance, mystery?




Ah, okay. Whats your plot you’re thinking of?


Mainly romance but it’ll have twist at some point


Well this tory is about a coincidence between 2 people that hate each others. So they’re like a magnet they’re pushing each other away but fate always find it’s way


ooo, sounds interesting, lol I’m weird.


Lol don’t worry so what do you think


Weirdos everywhere lol