Hi, guys! I'm looking for someone who knows English!

Hi! I need your help with dialogues! English isn’t my primary language. If you want, I can do smth for you in return! Also I will credit you in every episode.

I know English! Please don’t take this as boasting, but I have won various awards for my skill with grammar and literature, and have a lot of spare time, so I’d be willing to help out. However, I don’t have instagram or snapchat etc. so I cannot DM you on any such social media platforms. I’d be happy to keep in touch with you via PMs.

If you still need help, I’d be more than happy :slight_smile: I live in England so English is my first language and my grammar is really good :slight_smile:

Wow, thanks! It was really fast) Do you have instargam? Or how will we communicate?

I’m happy to communicate here, via PMs. I can’t communicate via social media as I don’t have any (aside from WhatsApp).

Hello, thank you very much for your very much for your replay! Do you have instargam? Or how will we communicate?

I have WhatsApp too. But if it will be easier to communicate here then let’s do it

We can do it here through my PMs, or I also have instagram and discord :slight_smile:

We can communicate here. Since @XxLilyyxX also seems willing to help, we could communicate here through PMs as a group. I’m pretty sure that PMs can be opened up so that it becomes a group chat.

If it easier here, let’s do it here. I just sighed up recently, so I need some time to figure it all out. If anything, here is my instagram - @juliastories_ep

That seems like a good idea to me :slight_smile:

That seems like a good idea to me too!

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