Hi guys I'm making my first story should I limit cc or let people fully customize?

The Mc is a black male with a Caribbean ethnic background, he’s based off me. The story is a sit-com, family and friends type of story I know how much we love making our own characters but some things I want to add in the story discusses homophobia, Gender roles and racial stereotypes against the Mc. If you all have any other suggestions I would love to hear it, I want my first story to be great.


Consider allowing full customization for more engagement, but limiting options can ensure a cohesive story. Decide based on your goals and audience preferences.


It’s your story, first and foremost. You can limit cc or even not have it at all if you want. It’s better to tell a story YOU want to tell than to write a story you don’t just to get engagement, the way I see it. People do like full CC, but people will also read stories without it or with limited CC. Just do what you see fit and write the story as you please, and the right audience will come.


Tbh…you won’t really notice anyway so if you don’t mind add it for the readers cause they’ll complain…a lot.

Me personally, I don’t customize characters anymore. I just leave it as its original design but lots of ppl like to customize and insert themselves into the story. If race is part of the storyline I would limit it, ppl will still read the story, but it all depends on the vision you have


I’d limit it, especially since you’re going to include race as a larger part of the story.


Thank you for your feedback, I needed that. :grinning:

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Thank you guys for your opinions. I have finally decided to do limited CC.

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Thank you for your feedback!

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